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What Sets Us Apart

We Sweat the Details.

At Surround Sound, we understand that one-size-fits-all usually means a poor fit. We make it our business to understand yours, in order to serve up custom deliverables that work for you and your team.

Our strategy-minded methodology allows us to quickly cut through the clutter and provide practical, actionable solutions that create impact.

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We provide comprehensive, integrated services as well as vertical expertise.

Choose à la carte, or let us create a surround-sound strategy tailored to your organization's needs.

  • Set up automated workflows to nurture buyers along the entire customer journey. Integrate with existing tools and your CRM, create webforms to capture prospect data, and connect with analytics.

  • Create prospect lists that fit your ideal customer profile and generate email content targeted specifically to them. Launch multi-channel outreach campaigns and set meetings with qualified leads for swift handover to Sales.

  • Collect and draft case studies, FAQs, testimonials, and sales collateral for your specific target segments.

  • Manage campaigns that deliver retargeted ads to nurture propsects who have visited high-value landing pages. Keep your company top-of-mind for these high-intent visitors.

  • Use your CRM to identify your most desired accounts. Focus on leads at those target accounts with personalized campaigns that tell a story and cultivate interest. Build value over time and stay top of mind.


We handle the Strategy and the Execution.

Meet your customers where they are, and nurture them through the entire buyer journey.

  • Ensure your Company social media accounts are up-to-date and connected to the right accounts. Stay active by posting consistently and engaging with your audience.

  • Feed the marketing machine with articles written by us, or with your own materials. Integrate with social media and marketing channels to draw attention to new content from both inbound and outbound sources.

  • Write a regularly-deployed newsletter to stay connected to your audience. Spotlight products and features, company updates, and upcoming events.

  • Talk to existing customers to get deep insight into product usage, gaps and opportunities. Develop your customer relationships and use aggregated knowledge to advance marketing messaging and assess product-market fit.

  • Measure pipeline from accounts via CRM integration or cohort analysis. Measure engagement via website & email behavior, such as page views, email reply rates, and form submissions.

Who We Are

Surround Sound Marketing is a one-stop shop for marketing operations. Our action-oriented team will work with you to navigate the complexities of modern marketing. We offer practical, integrated solutions that deliver impact.

Thea Zimnicki

Founder, Chief Strategist

Thea is a former biomedical engineer and patent attorney.  She has turned her focus to what she really loves: helping companies strategize for success. Her engineering and patent background allows her to excel in quickly developing a deep understanding of a wide array of technical areas, and her writing skills are strong and persuasive.

She ensures that each engagement is custom-fit to each client’s team and goals, and approaches challenges with an innovative mindset.

Wendy Anderson

Marketing Technologist

Builds, operates, and scales marketing machines to drive business growth. Wendy is a self-starter who thinks strategically but can also execute and drive cross-functional decision making.

Wendy is no stranger to the growing, sprawling marketing stack. She's experienced with pipeline planning, MQL/SQL forecasting, optimizing marketing automation (like Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, and more). Spreadsheets cower in fear before her fingers.

Eugene Petrowski

Account Manager

Manage clients' Martech stack from strategic and programmatic levels. Oversees the design and architecture of data integrations for marketing systems to drive more pipeline.

Lihao "Sue" Xue

Account Manager

Sue uses cross-functional planning to implement and measure marketing automation campaigns, including influencing content, audience, cadence, and marketing systems/tools to maximize results.

Frank Coatz

Account Support

Continuously iterates on client campaigns to support funnel efficiency & conversion, database engagement, program success, and business direction for the Marketing organization.

Mauricio Rodarte


Develops brands, design web and print experiences, often in collaboration with other creatives such as developers, photographers, and motion graphics artists.

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